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Belly Casting FAQ

Payment will need to be paid in full to place an order. 


These are once in a lifetime handcrafted pieces; Therefore, it is very important that the client follows all directions carefully. If the belly cast is unusable or otherwise damaged because of the client not following given instructions, we cannot issue a refund. If there is time to get a new kit to the client, we will do so for an additional fee. If there are damages made outside of the clients control, we will either issue a refund or give a second casting kit to create a new belly cast. 


We understand that this is a very special and transformative moment for our clients and want to create the best experience possible for each and every one!



Q: What is the process like for getting a custom cowrie shell belly cast?


A: We will send you a belly casting kit that you will use to mold your belly cast from home. The kit will be delivered to you by mail, and inside the package will include all of the materials and instructions needed to complete your belly cast. 

After completing the belly cast you will need to mail the completed cast back to us by following the proper packing etiquette. 

These steps will be listed within the shipping package that you will receive. 

Once received, your custom belly cast will be handcrafted and mailed back to you fully adorned in cowrie shells.


Q: Pricing?


A: The price for a custom cowrie shell belly cast is $800, not including shipping. Depending on location, international or domestic shipping will vary. Please email us directly for an exact estimated shipping price. 


Q: How far along in my pregnancy do I need to be for a belly cast?


A: This is entirely up to you, although we do recommend you wait until the last month of pregnancy to capture your belly at its biggest and most beautiful stage. As we know, some babies can be born early, if you are concerned about waiting too long to complete the cast, please begin the casting process at whichever stage you feel comfortable. 


Q: Do you ship internationally?


A: Yes, we ship to every state domestically and the majority of countries internationally, but the shipping cost will vary based on your location.


Q: What is the timeline/turnaround for my belly cast? 


A: Belly casting kits are mailed out within two business days of your order. Once we have received your completed belly cast, it will take up to 4 weeks for your casting to be handcrafted. Please allow an additional week for shipping. 


Q: Will my belly cast be ready to hang when I receive it?


A: Your custom belly cast will come ready to hang on any wall with a wire backing. We do provide the additional option to frame your belly cast upon request. For more information in regards to framing, please email us for more information. 


Q: How long do I have to complete the belly cast at home?


A: You have as much time as you’d like to create your belly cast at home. 


Q: Can I get this service done if I already had my child?


A: At this time, no. These are custom belly casts, which are tailored to each individual's body. However, we are creating a standard casting for those who've had their children and would like to commemorate motherhood. 

We do have a waitlist for those who are interested. Please email us if you'd like to be placed on the list as well. 

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